Family Planning


Every year, more than 200,000 New Zealanders use Family Planning’s sexual and reproductive health services. In addition to its well known clinical services, Family Planning offers sexual and reproductive health information and services for all people at all stages of their life. It runs health promotion classes for young people, parents and community groups, and provides clinical training and development for doctors, nurses, teachers and community workers.


Family Planning was looking for a solution to deliver information to clients at 19 of its clinics across New Zealand. The goal was to manage this from their national office in Wellington. This campaign was another part of the mix to promote safer sex and relationships messages to one of their key audiences, young people. ONELAN digital signage was chosen to achieve this.

Project Objectives

Family Planning had the following key objectives for its signage.

  • To share sexual health information with clinic visitors and to maximise use of existing information resources. 
  • To engage with and inform visitors in its waiting rooms with information and quizzes all focussed on sexual and reproductive health.
  • To inform visitors of the range of services it offers including sexual and reproductive health, clinical services, education, and training and research.


ONELAN digital signage was chosen due to its ease of use, content and display options and scheduling capabilities.

What is installed

ONELAN Net top Box (NTB)-510S SSD media players and 32” LCD screens are installed in 19 clinics nationwide, and a NTB-5500P media player is installed at the head office in central Wellington.

The content is fully managed from the national office in Wellington by Family Planning employees. The content being displayed in clinics consists of:

  • Predesigned jpeg images containing key messaging and images; and
  • Local RSS news feeds.

End result

A recent survey of clinic clients found that 74% of them had learned information about sexual health and relationships from reading the clinic screens.

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